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In these uncertain times defined by low trust in institutions, rapid technological change, hyper transparency and a growing list of emerging issues to respond to, understanding the expectations, concerns and hopes of stakeholders has never been more strategic. Given that 85% of a company’s value today is made up of intangible assets, forward-thinking leaders are looking to understand how to preserve and grow this value.

At its core, an organization’s success is dependent upon its relationships with a range of audiences – customers, investors, regulators, non-governmental organizations, communities, suppliers and employees.

Maintaining a social license to operate today and creating new opportunities tomorrow requires building more trust with your stakeholder network.

GlobeScan is a world leader in identifying, understanding and engaging stakeholders in ways that provide strategic value for our clients.

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Understand what your most important stakeholders think of your organization

GlobeScan works with you to identify, map and engage your stakeholders, to inform you as to what they think and how they act. We apply a rigorous approach that includes qualitative and quantitative techniques to provide the evidence you need to understand your context and build stronger relations with your stakeholder network.

More specifically we:

  • Identify, map and build a community of your stakeholders
  • Apply innovative social science methodologies to understand and track stakeholder perspectives, behaviours and drivers of trust

Services include:

  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Stakeholder community database management
  • Qualitative research – in-depth interviews, focus groups
  • Quantitative research – online, in-person and telephone surveys
  • Analytics and modelling


Build trust and long-term value for your organization

GlobeScan takes an insights-led approach to develop strategies for your positioning, performance and policies to build enduring value for your organization and for society. We are long-term partners and advisors to help you become a more trusted leader through the integration and optimization of purpose, reputation and sustainability across your organization.

More specifically we:

  • Use the insights and our experience to co-create strategies across a range of functions and activities, including communications, corporate affairs, sustainability, government relations, branding, marketing, HR, strategy and innovation
  • Help you align internally around the most effective strategies to help you become a trusted leader

Services include:

  • Reputation management
  • Messaging and narrative architecture
  • Issues management and materiality analysis
  • Purpose development
  • Sustainability strategy development


Engage your stakeholders to create more value for your organization and for society

GlobeScan designs and facilitates stakeholder engagement strategies and tactics to create more value with your stakeholders, including stakeholder convenings, online and offline collaborations, webinars, advisory panels and thought leadership development.

More specifically we:

  • Create plans, platforms and opportunities to establish more value with your stakeholders through engagement, partnership and collaboration
  • Develop an overall roadmap for your stakeholder engagement by audience, geography and issue, as well as support on critical, tactical ways to engage with stakeholders at scale

Services include:

  • In-person convenings, salons and roundtables
  • Online collaboration forums
  • Webinars
  • Stakeholder advisory council facilitation
  • Thought leadership development