The State of Corporate Citizenship in the United States 2007 | Report

The 2007 State of Corporate Citizenship in the United States, conducted by GlobeScan for the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship and The Hitachi Foundation, is the third biennial survey of the attitudes and actions of senior executives in small, medium and large businesses regarding corporate citizenship.
The 2007 survey went beyond earlier surveys to explore the management practices andexamine how companies plan, finance, and implement many of the concrete components ofcorporate citizenship. In probing deeper, this survey discovered what businesses are actuallydoing to support their communities, environment, employees, and contribute to societyas a whole. What emerged from the 751 executives surveyed was clear support, at least inprinciple, for corporate citizenship. There is also strong evidence of gaps—such as providinghealth insurance, investing in producing sustainable products, and reporting to the public.
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