ADB Perceptions Survey: Multinational Survey of Stakeholders 2009 | Report

The 2009 ADB Perceptions Survey, conducted by GlobeScan, gauged stakeholders’ perceptions of ADB’s mission to help reduce poverty and contribute to development in Asia and the Pacific.
The survey, the second of its kind since 2006, was carried out among 900 opinion leaders in 31 member countries, drawn from a broad cross section of stakeholders in government, media, civil society, academia, the private sector, and development partners.
Key findings reveal that stakeholders strongly acknowledge ADB’s impact on development. A considerable majority of stakeholders view ADB as a trusted, reliable, and competent organization with excellent knowledge of the region. ADB also received high marks for its work in improving infrastructure and supporting regional economic cooperation and integration. At the same time, stakeholders believe that ADB could improve its performance in the areas of bureaucracy, speed, and project execution and monitoring, while doing more to strengthen governance and gender equality.
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