Positive Views of Canada’s Influence on the Rise


6 March 2011 – After a decline in last year’s poll, favourable views of Canada are again on the rise, according to a poll of 27 countries around the world conducted for BBC World Service. On average, among the 27 tracking countries, 57 per cent gave Canada a favourable evaluation, and 12 per cent an unfavourable evaluation. The overall positive rating is up five points from 2010, while the negative rating has remained mostly stable. Of the 27 countries surveyed this year, all lean positive except Pakistan, where opinion is divided.
Some of the biggest positive shifts have been in countries with which Canada has a close relationship. Positive views are up 16 points in the United Kingdom (78%), 15 points in the United States (82%), and 13 points in Mexico (50%). Negative views also decreased by seven points in Mexico (14%).
Other publics that have become more favourable towards Canada are found in Italy (74%, up nine points), Indonesia (45%, up eight points), the Philippines (83%, up eight points), Australia (79%, up eight points), Russia (51%, up seven points), and South Korea (up seven points).
Shifts in views of Canada’s influence have occurred in three majority-Muslim countries. The most dramatic change is Turkey, which went from leaning negative to leaning positive, with favourable views up 19 points (35%) and negative views down nine points (26%). Egypt, divided in 2010, now leans positive as well, favourable views having risen by 14 points (32%). In Pakistan, evaluations have shifted from leaning negative to being divided as favourable views have increased by six points (17%). However, a strong majority in Pakistan still states no strong opinion about Canada.
In two countries, negative ratings have decreased significantly. Among Nigerians, negative evaluations are down 18 points to 8 per cent, while positive evaluations are up 12 points to 55 per cent. Views in India have grown less negative by seven points (13%), while positive ratings are up five points (29%). Indian opinion is now leaning positive after being divided in 2010.
Two countries were exceptions to the general trend, as their positive views of Canada weakened. In Kenya, favourable attitudes are down 16 points (39%) and unfavourable attitudes are up seven points (24%). Positive perceptions in Brazil have dropped 12 points (48%, down from 60%). In China, negative views have risen by 17 points (29%), but there is still a strong majority of 56 per cent of Chinese who say Canada has a positive influence in the world.

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