Families Cutting Back on Food in Response to Rising Prices

The rise in global food prices over the last year is having a major effect on consumption habits in the global South, according to GlobeScan research on behalf of Save the Children, with many reporting that they have cut back on the amount of food they buy for their family.
The price of staple foods such as beans, wheat and other cereals increased substantially during 2011, following severe weather in some of the world’s biggest food exporting countries, which damaged supplies. GlobeScan’s findings reveal that majorities in Peru (56%) and Nigeria (54%) and substantial proportions in Bangladesh (49%), Pakistan (40%) and India (29%) say that they have reduced the amount of food they buy for their family as a result of rising prices.
The last time global food prices peaked, in 2008, food riots resulted in the Indian subcontinent, Africa and Latin America, and GlobeScan tracking found that the price of food and energy was a greater concern than the ongoing economic crisis.
Finding from GlobeScan research conducted on behalf of Save the Children, 2012
This post was written by former GlobeScan Research Director, Sam Mountford.