Webinar on Consumers and the Future of Sustainability

Rethinking Consumption Consumers and the Future of Sustainability The Regeneration Roadmap
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The Regeneration Roadmap
On Thursday, February 7, 2013, BBMGGlobeScan and SustainAbility hosted a special webinar featuring highlights from a new global Regeneration Roadmap study on how consumers are balancing environmentalism and materialism to shape the future of sustainability.

A full recording of the webinar is available here

Can we shop our way to sustainability? What actually motivates behavior change? What is the role of consumers in shaping a more sustainable economy?
Based on the views of 6,224 consumers across Brazil, China, India, Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States, the webinar highlighted sustainability market trends, key purchase drivers, barriers, engagement pathways and opportunities for action.

Topics Included

  • Sustainable Consumption: Consumer Beliefs and Behaviors
  • Barriers and Levers to Sustainable Purchasing
  • The Source of Trust
  • The Aspirationals: Consumer Segmentation across the Sustainability Spectrum
  • Implications and Opportunities for Action

The webinar was designed for sustainability officers, branding and marketing directors, consumer insights specialists and executive leadership and will provide ideas and implications for corporate strategy, policies and practices.

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McKee Floyd, BBMG: mfloyd@bbmg.com, +1 212 473 4902 x201
Robin Miller, GlobeScan: robin.miller@globescan.com, +1 416 962 0707
Geoff Kendall, SustainAbility: geoff.kendall@sustainability.com, +44 (0) 207 269 6900

About The Regeneration Roadmap

The Regeneration Roadmap is a collaborative and multi-faceted initiative by GlobeScan and SustainAbility that aims to provide a roadmap for achieving sustainable development within the next generation, focusing in particular on ways the private sector can improve sustainable development strategy, increase credibility and deliver results at greater speed and scale. The project is presented by BMW Group and SC Johnson and sponsored by DuPont, Cisco, Interface and Pfizer, and supported by many other partners including UNEP, National Geographic and the World Bank.
For more information and a complete list of supporters, visit www.TheRegenerationRoadmap.com

About SustainAbility

SustainAbility is a think tank and strategic advisory firm working to inspire transformative business leadership on the sustainability agenda. Established in 1987, SustainAbility delivers illuminating foresight and actionable insight on sustainable development trends and issues.
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About BBMG

Based in New York City, BBMG is a brand and innovation consultancy dedicated to creating disruptive business solutions and delightful brand experiences to help brands achieve business success and positive social impact. By integrating branding with sustainability expertise and innovation protocols, BBMG helps organizations identify growth opportunities, forge new markets, create new brands and drive real culture change.
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