How Global Business Can Respond to Societal Expectations: A GlobeScan Radar Webinar

With businesses, citizens and governments around the world adjusting to a ‘new normal’ of low growth and contending with an ever-growing set of complex social and environmental challenges, how are public attitudes towards the corporate world and its place in society changing? And how can business respond?
Through our annual global polling on business in society that informs the GlobeScan Radar program, we conducted a webinar on June 27, 2013 that looked at the current state of public trust in business and what corporate leadership looks like, who the public sees as the emerging leaders, and which industries are making progress.
We identified how to harness the power of consumers – with a focus on the ‘Aspirationals’ – a consumer segment we identified made up of two-thirds of consumers who love to shop, while also feeling responsibility to society and the environment. (Read more about the ‘Aspirationals’)
The webinar, featuring Chris Coulter, GlobeScan’s President, and Caroline Holme, Director, Brand, also looked at findings from Changing Tack, the final output of The Regeneration Roadmap which offers the private sector a prescription for piloting the unfamiliar seas of sustainable development that lie ahead. (Read the full ‘Changing Tack’ report)
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