Net Positive Mindsets: Views from the BT Better Future Forum | Report

BT’s Better Future Forum is an online discussion that brings together the world’s leading thinkers to share and develop new strategies to help build a more sustainable future for everyone.
On 2 July 2013, hundreds of sustainability experts from around the world joined GlobeScan and BT in a global online conversation to explore how the power of ‘net positive’ strategies can help businesses play their part in a shared better future. Participants were joined by senior executives from across BT’s business, and external guests including Dame Ellen MacArthur, Peter Lacy and Jasmine Whitbread.
Discussions included what those at the cutting edge are doing to bring about the circular economy and create value for both society and industry within the constraints of the planet’s resources.
The discussions, moderated by GlobeScan, were focussed into three main sessions with a different theme for each.
The findings from the discussions are summarised in the report from GlobeScan and BT, along with the three key areas of insights that emerged from across the expert conversations. BT’s response to the collective insights is also shared in a video posted 24 hours after the Forum.
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