A Life with Luci: Assessing the Social, Economic and Environmental Impact of Luci Solar Lights in Haiti

Final report from a GlobeScan Foundation survey assessing the social, economic and environmental impact of MPOWERD Luci Solar Lights in Haiti.
MPOWERD, a social enterprise making brilliant, clean energy solar products and solutions accessible the world over, asked GlobeScan to help it assess the social, economic and environmental impacts of its Luci solar light.
In July of 2013, MPOWERD partnered with the NGO Soleil Global  to distribute Luci solar lights to hundreds of Haitians in an effort to replace the kerosene lamps that typically light their home. A survey of Luci recipients was administered at the point of distribution. Recipients were asked about how much they rely on kerosene, the cost of the fuel, and their quality of life during the evening hours.
In October, a follow up survey took place by mobile phone in Haitian Creole. This follow up survey assessed the impacts of the Luci light on a range of quality of life issues. The current document demonstrates the results of the initial and follow-up survey.

  • The initial survey took place in person and was conducted in July 2013, and the follow up survey was conducted between October 10 and November 5, 2013.
  • A total of 102 Haitians completed both surveys.
  • Unless otherwise noted, figures and charts refer to percentage of respondents.