Webinar Recap: The Aspirationals – Shifting Sustainability from Obligation to Desire

On Wednesday, June 25th, along with our partners at BBMG, we hosted a webcast titled:The Aspirationals: Shifting Sustainability from Obligation to Desire.

We had a lively conversation in which Raphael Bemporad of BBMG, Chris Coulter of GlobeScan, and Jennifer Kho of The Guardian Sustainable Business explored the demographics, psychographics, key sustainability behaviors and brand preferences of the influential Aspirational consumer segment and outlined five ways to reach, engage and unleash the Aspirationals to drive business growth and positive social impact.

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Discovered in 2012, Aspirationals are a powerful new segment representing nearly 2 billion consumers worldwide who are looking to unite style, status and sustainability, offering a profound opportunity for those looking to scale sustainable consumption.
GlobeScan and BBMG are helping brands leverage the Aspirationals to advance consumer insight, innovation and engagement opportunities through focused and impactful engagements, including:

    • CUSTOM INSIGHT: Integrating The Aspirationals into ongoing market research and brand tracking as well as proprietary segmentation strategies for specific product and/or marketing initiatives;
    • IDEATION WORKSHOPS: Facilitating insight and ideation workshops with marketing and sustainability;
    • TESTING AND VALIDATION: Recruiting Aspirationals for product testing and ongoing brand engagement.

You can access additional information and up-to-date Aspirational consumer trends at http://theaspirationals.com/ and join the conversation on Twitter via @itsBBMG @GlobeScan #Aspirationals
Please do not hesitate to engage us with any questions you may have regarding this webcast or to learn more about how we might partner with you in the future.