CSR Performance of the IT Industry | Report

GlobeScan works across a wide range of industry sectors, managing issues and reputation on behalf of our global clients. The strategic counsel that we provide to them is underpinned not only by the fully customised studies we undertake for each client, but also by a unique database of sector intelligence, drawn from our ongoing studies of global public attitudes towards business in society that is updated each year. Across 14 sectors (Automotive, Banking, Beer, Chemical, Clothing, Electricity, Food, IT/Tech, Media and Entertainment, Mining, Oil and Petroleum, Pharmaceutical, Supermarket, and Telecommunications), we track the perceived CSR performance for each industry.
GlobeScan Radar is a program of evidence and counsel that draws upon GlobeScan’s unique database of nearly twenty years of tracking of global (20-30 country) citizen and stakeholder perceptions around business and its role in society. A partnership with GlobeScan through Radar provides you and your team with access to briefings and data, insight from societal trends on how companies are living up to public expectations, and how your peers in other sectors are handling potential threats to their reputation.
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