Making Waves: The Rising Tide of Data for Social Good – With 2013

LONDON – 2 July 2014 – Hundreds of special guests and participants around the world joined BT and GlobeScan on 1st July 2014 to tackle the key issues of using data for social good at the 2014 BT Better Future Forum.
The unique conversation hosted by BT and moderated by GlobeScan cut across the latest thinking on influencing consumer behaviour, the increasing role of digital technology in making modern life more shareable and accountable, and how the deluge of data can be harnessed to address big societal issues.
The first session “Digital natives living lightly” explored how digital connectivity can accelerate our journey towards sustainable consumption.
The second session “Data for social good” explored how digital data can ndeliver good for society and the environment.
Featured guests participating in this global expert forum included:

You can read the highlights report and watch the video on BT’s response at:
A full report on the Better Future Forum insights will be published later this month.

Highlights from the 2013 BT Better Future Forum

Since 2008, GlobeScan has been working with BT on measuring, understanding and building relationships with consumers, stakeholders and employees, to deliver BT’s sustainability commitments. The BT Better Future Forum, developed with GlobeScan, is an online, moderated discussion that brings together stakeholders across the world. The objective is to share and develop new strategies to help advance BT’s Better Future 2020 goals and build a more sustainable future for everyone.

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About the BT Better Future Forum

At BT we believe in the power of communications to create a better world. As part of BT’s commitment to our purpose we host the Better Future Forum – an online event designed to uncover expert insights from hundreds of people globally on issues related to responsible and sustainable business. It is an opportunity for us to share our experience so far and learn from others through open discussions, independently moderated by our partner GlobeScan.
The Forum is part of BT’s dynamic process of stakeholder engagement and materiality analysis which informs our activities.The first Better Future Forum took place in July 2013, crowd sourcing nearly 800 comments from hundreds of participants across 22 countries, and explored the potential for business to make a ‘net positive’ environmental contribution to our planet. Read the Forum’s Net Positive Mindsets report here.
We hope the Better Future Forum will be a platform for co-creating new strategies to help BT and others tackle the complex sustainability challenges we all face. Please stay with us on the journey, via LinkedIn, @BTBetterFuture and