Changing Food Habits: Motivated Greens Greendex Segment

Segmenting the Market Using the 2014 Greendex Data

This is the second in a series of four short articles that examine the potential for more sustainable consumer behavior within the food category. We draw on our recently published Greendex 2014 study of consumers in 18 countries, conducted with National Geographic, to mine for insights to help governments, companies and NGOs unlock further change.
Our first installation of the series described the “Moveable Masses” segment, largest of the five groups that our analysis has identified. This week we will provide a snapshot of the “Motivated Greens” segment, the second largest group of consumers with similar food habits and similar potential to become more sustainable.

Greendex Motivated Greens Segment

“Motivated Greens” represent 27 percent of consumers in the 18 countries included in the study, with Hungary featuring the largest proportion of this segment (51%).
This group of consumers are the most environmentally driven, displaying already sustainable eating habits but highly motivated to improve even further. However, as their eating habits are already relatively good for the environment they have less room to improve than the more mainstream “Moveable Masses” segment. “Motivated Greens” tend to worry about the environment and are often willing to pay more for sustainably produced food, and they tend to be well-informed about the food that they eat. However, people in this group do not always feel empowered to make a personal difference.

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Greendex Infographic

The infographic below is intended to help us better understand this segment. (click to enlarge)
greendex infographic

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