Webinar Recap: Risk & Reputation – Trends From Digital Analytics & Primary Research

On Wednesday, February 11th we hosted a webcast titled: Risk & Reputation: Trends From Digital Analytics & Primary Research: A Data-Rich Conversation with GlobeScan and Polecat. Presenters Chris Coulter and Christophe Guibeleguiet, co-CEOs of GlobeScan, and Yasmin Crowther, Head of Strategic Research and Bronwyn Kunhardt, Managing Director at Polecat, took participants through a lively and evidence-rich discussion on corporate risk and reputation.
Drawing on GlobeScan’s primary research (GlobeScan Radar) and Polecat’s digital analytics (MeaningMine), the webinar explored key trends in risk, issues and leadership across different sectors, companies and global markets. Particular attention was paid to the oil, pharma and finance sectors. The webinar also demonstrated how primary and digital research complement each other in corporate issues, risk and reputation management

Full Recording:

full presentation deck
To complement our discussion, Polecat would like to share with you a background briefing on how its digital analytics capability is being applied to monitor operational risks. For more information, please contact Ilana Berman of Polecat.
Together, GlobeScan and Polecat provide the digital intelligence, primary research and analysis needed to flourish in today’s volatile and networked world.
Please do not hesitate to engage us with any questions you may have regarding this webcast or to learn more about how we might partner with you in the future.