Webinar Recap: The Changing Importance of NGOs as Stakeholders for Companies

Multi-stakeholder collaboration is increasingly positioned as a way to manage global risks, make progress and help companies and societies become more resilient. In turn, NGOs have become the ‘go to’ stakeholders for companies seeking to resolve product challenges, policy conflicts and bolster their public image. Is this a good thing, and does it actually work?
On May 7, 2015, GlobeScan and SIGWATCH hosted a webinar on The Changing Importance of NGOs as Stakeholders for Companies. When reviewing the recording and slides provided via the links below, you’ll hear Chris Coulter and Peter Paul van de Wijs from GlobeScan, and Robert Blood from SIGWATCH’s lively and evidence-rich discussion on the changing place of NGOs in the mix of strategic stakeholders.
Chris Coulter kicked off the discussion with recent GlobeScan research, providing a contextual perspective on the increasing importance of stakeholder engagement for companies and views of NGOs.
Robert Blood then explored the fact that NGO engagement is harder than it looks and more often than not disappoints. In his contributions he took a closer look at how NGOs’ attitude to corporate engagement has changed in the last decade and how this affects the way NGO engagement should be planned and managed.
Peter Paul van de Wijs then built the case that NGO’s, despite their continued credibility, have lost some of their attractiveness as a partner for companies and he shined some light on alternative stakeholders companies should also consider.




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