Webinar Recap: Trust, Expectations and Leadership: Global Societal Trends on Business

On June 18, GlobeScan CEO Chris Coulter hosted a webinar titled “Trust, Expectations and Leadership: Global Societal Trends on Business” exploring GlobeScan Radar’s latest global public opinion survey of 24,000 people across 24 countries. We shared our latest tracking of trust in institutions, expectations for responsible business, reputation of industry sectors and consumer views of corporate leadership. Chris also drew on findings from our latest GlobeScan/SustainAbility Survey findings, Collaboration Forums, Aspirationals, and work with Marks & Spencer.
Professionals focused on corporate affairs, issues management, reputation, communications, corporate responsibility/sustainability and stakeholder engagement will find this webinar of particular interest.
Please follow the links below to read the full presentation slides or to watch a recording of the lively and insightful discussion:
Webinar Recording
Presentation Slides