Webinar Recap: Five Human Aspirations & the Future of Brands

Move over Millennials. Meet the Aspirationals.
In the Age of Uncertainty, how might we create brands of enduring value that are relevant to a new generation and resilient for a new world? BBMG and GlobeScan’s webinar from Thursday, October 29, highlighted findings and implications from our new global trends report “Five Human Aspirations and the Future of Brands.”
Building on four years of global data from 22,000 consumers across 22 countries, learn how a new generation of Aspirational consumers is driving a profound marketplace shift toward authenticity, wellbeing, sustainability and social purpose and creating new possibilities for brands, business and society.
Key topics of the webinar included:

  • The Aspirational Generation: demographics, psychographics, beliefs and behaviors
  • New consumer perspectives on capitalism, climate change and corporate expectations
  • Five global trends shaping business design, brand strategy and consumer behaviour
  • Best practices and implications from leading brands
  • Takeaways for leveraging sustainability and social purpose to drive relevance, sales, loyalty and positive impact

With rising demands for authentic, purposeful and delightful brand experiences, we believe that reaching and engaging Aspirational consumers provides an unprecedented opportunity to increase relevance, inspire trial and deepen loyalty in ways that measurably drive business growth and create positive societal impact.
By working with your internal teams and agencies of record, we can help you leverage the Aspirationals for consumer insights, brand strategy, innovation pipelines and consumer engagement.
Let us know if we can answer questions or provide additional information, as we’d be delighted to explore opportunities for collaboration and drive meaningful change together.
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