New Book Launched: “Can The World Be Wrong?” Where Global Public Opinion Says We’re Headed

LONDON, 10 November 2015 – Doug Miller, president of the GlobeScan Foundation, today launched his new book “Can the World be Wrong?” which lays out a compelling case for looking to long-term trends in global public opinion to help predict the future. It goes on to outline the future these trends suggest.
The book’s launch event today in London included reactions and observations from John Elkington, Chairman of Volans, who wrote the book’s Foreword; pollster Robert Worcester, founder of MORI (now Ipsos Mori), as well as Mark Malloch Brown, formerly Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations under Kofi Annan.
At the launch, GlobeScan Foundation president Doug Miller said, “We are living in uncertain times. My radical proposition in the book is that when humans are involved and given voice, everything is possible, including achieving our highest aspirations and best intentions.”
The book is provocatively illustrated by decade-long public opinion trends across 20 countries, on subjects ranging from geopolitics, globalization, the economy, the role of companies and the UN, to changing consumer trends and the future of democracy in the 21st century.
Miller brings his topics alive with interesting looks behind-the-scenes at the World Economic Forum in Davos, the World Social Forum in Porto Alegre (Brazil), the International Business Leaders Forum in London, United Nations Headquarters in New York, the White House in Washington, and conferences and boardrooms around the world.
Anna Comerford, Publisher at Greenleaf Publishing said: “This essentially optimistic book delivers a fascinating briefing on below-the-radar trends that business leaders and policymakers follow closely and thoughtful citizens need to understand. Miller’s sharp analysis of global trends and unique behind-the-scenes access to high-level meetings makes it essential reading for leaders, managers, policymakers and researchers who want to harness global opinion.”
Copies of the book and more information can be found on the Greenleaf Publishing web site.

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