Infographic: Seafood Consumers Put Sustainability Before Price And Brand

On behalf of the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), GlobeScan has just released findings from a global analysis of attitudes to seafood consumption. Across 21 countries overall, the results show that sustainability is a key driver for seafood purchase globally. Seafood consumers consider sustainability  to be more important than price and brand, with nearly three-quarters (72%) agreeing that in order to save the oceans, shoppers should only consume seafood from sustainable sources.
Furthermore, consumers are positive that the MSC, and the fishers, retailers and brands committed to MSC certified seafood, are contributing to the health of the world’s oceans. More than eight in ten (81%) of those who have seen the MSC label say that the MSC helps recognise and reward sustainable fishing. The same proportion (81%) say the MSC encourages people to shop more sustainably.
As GlobeScan Director, Caroline Holme says: “This survey gives us a detailed insight into just how different the seafood category is compared to others. In a category with relatively few trusted brands, third party claims on sustainability and traceability can help consumers navigate their choices better. Ocean sustainability is proven to be a topic with real relevance in this category and consumers prioritise it more than we suspected in their seafood purchase decisions.”
More details on this study can be found in this 13 July press release and the MSC has put together a great infographic on the findings. View it below or download here.