African Insights: Challenges Facing Organizations Operating in the Region

Impact of Sustainable Development in Africa

We are in the midst of great transformation across Africa and the opportunities for sustainable development have never been more plentiful.  In an aging world, Africa has the advantage of a young and growing population and will soon have the fastest urbanized rate in the world. Accelerated technological change is unlocking new opportunities for consumers and businesses, and Africa still has abundant resources and room for growth.
Equally prominent to the high level of positive possibilities, Africa faces challenges of poor governance.  While Africans currently have higher levels of trust in government than elsewhere in the world, we are seeing early warning signs that these levels of goodwill might diminish as governments, and to an extent the business sector, fail to deliver on the expectations of Africans in respect to good governance and community investment.  The legacy of inequality, patronage, and corruption creates a challenging environment for business to prosper.  To be successful, organizations operating in the region need to build trust with stakeholders and society and more importantly, delivery tangible programmes, products and services to demonstrate their commitment to society. To achieve this, there is a need to understand stakeholder expectations, concerns, perspectives and behaviors and to build meaningful relationships with key constituencies.

Working with clients such as Safaricom, we have helped them to understand how their key stakeholder audiences perceive them as a trusted partner.  We were able to identify the positive drivers of trust as well as point out aspects detracting from their trust.  Bob Collymore, the CEO of Safaricom and his team are committed to doing much more for society than simply provide telecommunication services, and GlobeScan was able to provide them with good insights into the needs and expectations of Kenyan society.
GlobeScan has been working in the region for over a decade, conducting reputation research, engaging stakeholders around policy issues, exploring solutions in the area of sustainable development, tracking public opinion trends and much more.
Our research and advisory network extends across Africa, enabling us to engage a range of stakeholders, including leaders from governments, customers, non-profits, communities, multi-lateral organisations, media, business, academics, investors as well as consumers and the general public.

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