Evaluating SDG Progress: Webinar Recap

Survey Highlights from GlobeScan/SustainAbility Survey

On May 9th and 10th, along with our partners at SustainAbility, we hosted two webinars to discuss results of our assessment of experts’ views on progress toward the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
We asked over 500 experienced corporate sustainability professionals in 74 countries to evaluate the progress that has been made on each SDG, to rank their relative urgency and also to share insights into the priorities within their own organizations. Corporate experts were also asked how their own companies are responding to the SDGs and where they see opportunities for the greatest impact.
To satisfy a global audience and to give voice to different regions, we offered two version of the webinar: one for an Americas/Europe audience, and one for Asia Pacific.

The lively and insightful discussions on the survey findings explored questions such as:

  • How much progress has the international community made on each SDG?
  • Which goals are seen as being the most important and have received the most attention by organizations?
  • How has the private sector contributed toward the SDGs?
  • Where are the opportunities for companies to have the greatest impact and how can they better communicate?

Below you will find the full recording and presentation slides for each webinar, as well as details on the speakers:

Europe / Americas

Hosted by:

  • Mark Lee, Executive Director, SustainAbility
  • Chris Coulter, co-CEO, GlobeScan
  • Gail Klintworth, Director Business Transformation, Business and Sustainable Development Commission and Partner, SYSTEMIQ
  • Matthias Stausberg, Group Advocacy Director, Virgin Management Ltd

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Asia Pacific

Hosted by:

  • Wander Meijer, Director, GlobeScan Asia Pacific
  • Margo Mosher, Senior Manager, SustainAbility
  • Andrew Petersen, CEO, Sustainable Business Australia
  • Karen Iles, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility, Tata Consultancy Services
  • Robert Hansor, Global Sustainability and Policy & Systems Principal, Huawei

Download Presentation Slides
Download Full Report