Developing the Scotiabank Young People in the Community Index | Report

More deeply understanding some of the key challenges facing young people across North America, Latin America and the Caribbean is in line with Scotiabank’s new strategy to invest 70% of its philanthropic support to organizations that help young people in the community.
To help assess the state of health & well-being and education of young people in these communities, we worked in partnership with Scotiabank and an advisory council of leading external experts on key issues impacting young people to develop the Scotiabank Young People in the Community Index.
The Young People in the Community (YPC) Index pools together publically available data from globally recognized sources to help determine the current state of youth in North, South and Central America. Its usefulness as a macro needs assessment tool will enable Scotiabank not only to draw greater attention to the often overlooked youth demographic, but also serve as a platform to work with other organizations in the youth development space to address key societal challenges. As the Index is tracked over time, Scotiabank will measure society’s progress on tackling important youth challenges.
Greater collaboration and awareness building is necessary to push the needle forward on the health & well-being and education of young people. The YPC Index is one of the tools being used by Scotiabank and some of its partners to make progress in this area. We hope that this Index can help all of us in our efforts to impact the future of young people.
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