Social Polarisation: Opinions and Insights from Corporate Professionals | Report

GlobeScan Corporate Affairs Survey social polarisation report

social polarisation opinions and insights
A Global Survey of Corporate Affairs Professionals
The impacts of political, economic, and social instability are dominating the external environment in which companies operate. Among growing material risks, social polarisation is now emerging as a core area that companies need to prioritise, with nearly seven in ten corporate professionals viewing it as a great risk to business.
The potential risks of a polarised society are manifold, but three main areas emerge as being highly associated with polarisation:

  • Instability
  • Greater economic inequality and slowdown
  • Eroding trust

Social Polarisation: A New Risk to Integrate for Business

Learn more about the political, economic and social instability impacts of social polarisation in ‘Social Polarisation: A New Risk to Integrate for Business’:
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