Building Trust: Why Transparency Must Be Part of the Equation | Report

GlobeScan and SC Johnson's new white paper, Building Trust - Why Transparency Must Be Part of the Equation. The Future of Transparency

Society’s standards for corporate transparency are rapidly evolving. No small part of this is because of disruptions in technology and stakeholder expectations: the exponential pace of technological development and diffusion is recasting the way we communicate and receive information. Increasingly empowered stakeholders of all types are demanding different behaviors and performance from business. But more is at play. Expectations for transparency are intensifying at the same time as the intangible value of brands and their reputations grow ever larger but also more fragile. The implications are daunting.
With insights from 30 global thought leaders, GlobeScan partnered with SC Johnson to produce a new white paper, Building Trust: Why Transparency Must Be Part of the Equation, to explore what the future of transparency may look like, and to contemplate the way there.
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