From Urgency to Action: Business and the SDGs | Report

From Urgency to Action: Business and the SDGs - A CSR Europe / GlobeScan White Paper

From Urgency to Action: Business and the SDGs - A CSR Europe / GlobeScan White PaperWhite Paper by CSR Europe and GlobeScan on Business and the SDGs

Four years after the launch of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the time to shift from urgency to action in addressing them has arrived, but the obstacles to doing so remain significant.
The challenge is to help navigate major transitions that are already underway, and which will shape our lives between now and 2030. These include the shift from a linear to a circular economy, the development of a sustainable food production system, and the drive to meet the Paris climate targets by embracing renewable energy and ensuring our buildings and transport systems are energy efficient. These transitions need to take place in an inclusive and fair way – ensuring that no one is left behind by the technological, structural, and demographic changes that are transforming the world around us.
This White Paper, From Urgency to Action: Business and the SDGs, produced by CSR Europe and GlobeScan, is not “just another” study on the SDGs – it is a call to be part of the action and to demonstrate Leadership and Engagement on the issues that concern all of us, and the generations that will come after us. We first show where we are as we near the end of the second decade of the 21st century. Then, we look at some of the mega-trends currently shaping the business environment within the sustainability arena. We draw on recent publications and studies to provide a detailed overview of challenges, progress, and action when it comes to CSR Europe’s three priority areas – People, Materials and Markets. We outline expectations and opportunities for business to make a difference, and identify ways in which CEOs can lead change. Finally, we set out how CSR Europe is responding and supporting business with its 2030 Strategy.