How COVID-19 Changes Perceptions of Trade in Wildlife

How COVID-19 Changes Perceptions of Trade in Wildlife - GlobeScan/GreenBiz 2020

Between the COVID-19 pandemic and Netflix’s hit series “Tiger King,” wildlife trade is occupying our collective psyche at a level never been seen before.
The Chinese government has announced that it will crack down on illegal wildlife consumption and outlaw the trade of many species that desperately need an intervention such as this to flatten their own curve — the one that sees some animals’ numbers in the wild dropping to zero. The Vietnamese government has announced it soon will follow, and the European Union also has indicated it will seek to address the issues of wildlife trade and factory farming within its own borders.
Public support in Asia appears nearly universal. New research conducted by GlobeScan with WWF in Hong Kong, Japan, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam shows a strong understanding of the connection between wildlife and outbreaks such as COVID-19. The study, conducted online with a representative sample of 5,000 participants, also found widespread support for government action to eliminate illegal and unregulated wildlife markets.
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