Global Insights to Help Navigate a Changing World

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Global business leaders have been focused on responding to one of the most sweeping set of crises in recent memory. Many leadership lessons will come out of COVID-19. These lessons will form the basis of significant organizational change and inform corporate planning for generations to come.

For the time being, many questions remain for sustainability and public affairs / communications executives alike who are seeking to navigate a rapidly changing world:

  • How are expectations toward the role of business shifting in the current context?
  • How should I refocus my corporate reputation and sustainability priorities for 2021?
  • How will the “new normal” change my stakeholder and consumer engagement strategies?

The need for strategic intelligence on shifting consumer and stakeholder concerns and expectations has never been greater. Companies, Governments and NGOs are all attempting to understand what the current health and economic crises mean for the medium- and long-term futures of their organizations.

GlobeScan has a variety of insights initiatives underway that are designed to help.

Consumer and Societal Trends across 27 Countries

GlobeScan’s timely global public opinion study on consumer and societal trends will provide much needed intelligence to help forward-looking organizations plan strategically.

GlobeScan Radar logoOur Radar Research Program tracks high-level trends including trust in institutions, issues tracking, expectations of responsible companies, the role of NGOs, views on the SDGs, climate change, and the biodiversity agenda.

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GlobeScan’s Healthy & Sustainable Living study focuses on consumer needs, opportunities, and lifestyle challenges related to the social and environmental agendas and behavior change, including sustainable food, the circular economy, wellbeing, and altruistic actions to support their communities.

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Stakeholder Insights for Your Organization’s 2021 Planning

Having a good understanding of the changing external context is especially crucial in times of hyper-uncertainty and growing expectations of business. There is no question that 2021 will present a very different operating environment than previously seen. In order to navigate this changing landscape, evidence-based strategic planning will be essential for a successful 2021.

To help organizations move forward with their planning and strategy development, GlobeScan has developed a tailored service in which we will engage with your influential stakeholders to understand the shifting expectations, priorities, and perceptions of your organization.

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Corporate Leadership in Equality

Rising inequality is a systemic problem for which solutions, including effective leadership, remain all too scarce. Despite corporate interest in addressing inequality, the nature and depth of the challenge can make it difficult to identify a clear pathway toward impactful corporate action.

In the wake of COVID-19, exacerbated inequality along with the renewed resonance of Black Lives Matter clearly illustrates the need for companies to play a pivotal role in tackling inequality. To help catalyze corporate action, GlobeScan is creating a shared research program based on peer information exchange and analysis to identify the most practical and impactful ways for companies to address the challenge of rising inequality.

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