The Pact for Sustainable Industry: Making the Green Deal a Success | CSR Europe White Paper

The UN 2030 Agenda is a clear direction, but companies cannot reach or even make advancements on this agenda by themselves. That is why CSR Europe gathered the leading companies in an appeal for increased collaboration, not only in words, but with practical action. They asked for a New Deal for Europe – for a Europe with a shared sustainable vision for its future. As business leaders, they take the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as a compass to make the transformation required to face the challenges.

Ambitious leadership is what is required to achieve these challenges and there are five key aspects of corporate sustainability leadership, called the All In Leadership Framework. Leadership companies have a set of characteristics that together create the conditions for high impact in sustainability. The five attributes – Purpose, Plan, Culture, Collaboration, and Advocacy – together underpin current and future best practice for bold and impactful corporate sustainability leadership.

CSR Europe is now inviting businesses, industry federations and policymakers across Europe to develop and implement a visionary and ambitious European Pact for Sustainable Industry. With the Pact, CSR Europe wants to initiate a pan-European movement, at local and international level, to invigorate leadership and engagement towards a Sustainable Europe 2030.

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