Insight of the Week: Consumer Purchasing Behaviors: EU vs USA

Consumer Purchasing Behaviors: EU* vs USA

“Extremely” and “Very Interested,” 2020​

European and American consumers differ in their interest in sustainable shopping behavior​.

Europeans are more interested than Americans in some key sustainable consumption behaviors, including being keener on prioritizing durability, recycled materials, responsible brands, and third-party certification. Differences are largest in terms of third-party certifications, with fewer than half of US consumers expressing interest compared to nearly six in ten European consumers.


  • * Includes: France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, and UK
  • Question wording: How interested are you in doing more of each of the following in the coming year?
  • Data Source: GlobeScan Healthy and Sustainable Living Report 2020, our 27-market, 27,000 person public opinion study fielded in June 2020 about attitudes, opinions, and behaviors linked to more sustainable and healthier lifestyles.

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