Why Younger Generations are More Willing to Change in the Name of Sustainability

GreenBiz post - Why younger generations are more willing to change in the name of sustainability

It is a common assumption that younger generations — Gen Z and millennials — are more greatly concerned with global challenges. Born in the digital age, these generations are seen to be more health-conscious, socially aware and environmentally responsible. This narrative is consistently reiterated by the media who frequently highlight the willingness of these younger generations to stand up for what they care about.

In our Radically Better Future: The Next Gen Reckoning Report with BBMG, 73 percent of young people support public protests to raise awareness of issues, with the Black Lives Matter movement cited as an example of the next generation raising their voices on the issues that matter. This is in comparison to their older counterparts, who are perceived to be less vocal and less optimistic about the future.

Our understanding of these generational differences is particularly important when considering how businesses and brands can best connect with consumers to both encourage and activate their support for a more healthy and sustainable future.

Recent research from GlobeScan’s annual Healthy and Sustainable Living study has helped to provide a deeper understanding of how generations differ in their opinions, experience and attitudes toward sustainability.

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