Giving Up Meat = Healthy Living = Healthy Planet. Are We at a Dietary Inflection Point?

Giving Up Meat = Healthy Living = Healthy Planet. Are We at a Dietary Inflection Point? - Sustainable Brands

The growing appetite for a shift away from meat-based diets is good news for addressing a range of health and climate issues. But business has a critical role to play in making the transition as affordable, accessible and delicious as possible.

The COVID-19-enforced lockdowns have been tough on all of us. To combat boredom, depression and anxiety, and to boost mental wellbeing, many of us have turned to exercise as a coping mechanism. The market for home fitness equipment grew more than 40 percent in 2020. Peloton alone could be worth $60 billion in the next four years, with analysts suggesting it is on a similar trajectory to the likes of Apple and Netflix.

Getting fit was already increasing in popularity, as evidenced by the global demand for fitness tracking devices such as the Fitbit and Apple Watch — which increased 32 percent in 2019. We want to look after ourselves now more than ever before.

This is certainly clear from the findings of the recently released global consumer insights research from GlobeScan. The latest GlobeScan Healthy & Sustainable Living report shows ‘wellbeing’ to be the number-one area of interest for consumers in all markets, regardless of age and demographic. As GlobeScan CEO Chris Coulter explains:

“There is a strong desire among consumers to change their lifestyles for the better. Health is the area consumers across the globe would like to change the most — and it’s also the area where global consumers have made the most changes in the past year; perhaps unsurprisingly, given the global COVID-19 pandemic.”

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