Global Public Opinion Research on Nature | Report

Findings from GlobeScan’s latest global opinion research on nature show that there is a gap between growing concern and high expectations from the public, and perceived performance of most actors in protecting nature and wildlife.

Concern about the loss of animal and plant species has been increasing steadily over the past eight years; with a majority of people now believing that the loss of biodiversity is a very serious global problem.      

Many people feel a strong bond with nature, as three in four strongly agree that they feel connected to nature and the environment and over four in ten strongly agree that the rights of animals are as important as the rights of humans. People are eager to learn more about their direct impact on nature and want to reduce it substantially.​

People are also particularly keen for their governments to take action to protect nature, despite possible negative implications for some business activities. ​

However, the perceived performance of most actors in protecting nature and wildlife – including governments and large companies – has plateaued or declined over the past year. NGOs are the most positively viewed actors, followed by individuals. Only a third or less agree that their national government and small and large businesses do their part to protect nature and wildlife.