Global Sustainability Community Comes Together To Support Ukraine

Sustainability for Ukraine | Global 24-hour Web-a-Thon on the Future of Sustainability and Fundraiser for Civil Society in Ukraine

24-Hour Web-a-thon Event Explores the Future of the Sustainability Agenda and Raises Funds to Help Rebuild Civil Society in Ukraine

Web-a-thon Recordings

On 21st June, the global sustainability community came together for Sustainability for Ukraine to explore the future of sustainability, and the need for more collaborative, inclusive efforts to advance sustainable development. The event was a 24-hour continuous, online webinar, with 24 different panels and topics featuring over 90 speakers from around the world, who explored the current state of sustainability and began to outline a revived roadmap to help us navigate towards a better future. Over 1,300 people attended the web-a-thon and tens of thousands visited the event website.

Donate to Support Local NGOs in Ukraine

24-hour web-a-thon event explores the future of the sustainability agenda and raises funds to help rebuild civil society in Ukraine.

The event and ongoing fundraising campaign aims to provide vital financial support for local NGOs in Ukraine that have been devastated by the war. Since the war began, offices of local NGOs have been damaged, employees have gone without pay and, many organizations are struggling to keep operating without outside funding.

So far, through the generous support from our corporate sponsors and individual donations made online, we have been able to raise over $170k to help rebuild civil society in Ukraine. We are looking to raise an additional $80K to bring the total of contributions to $250k.

Please donate either as an organization or individual so we can achieve our target and help our brothers and sisters working in sustainability in Ukraine.

Summary Report

Several key messages came through loud and clear across the amazing 24 hours of discussion, inspiration and calls to action:

  • Incrementalism must end.
  • Resilience needs to be re-built into our systems.
  • We must pay for the privilege of peace.
  • Better inclusion is the only way to reliably build strong systems that work for all.
  • Together we can super-charge the change we need.  

In our summary report, we aim to capture some of the energy of these diverse sessions, highlighting discussions, and sharing the questions and insights that have unlocked action for global peers. The report covers the big picture story and five of the themes explored across the 24 deep dives, which we hope will help you take your next steps.

We want to thank two dozen organizations who led dedicated sessions of the web-a-thon, providing a robust program of dialogue on the sustainability agenda. Partners included: 3BL Media, Akatu Institute (Brazil), AuctusESG (India), B Lab, Business Council for the United Nations, BBMG, BSR, Business Fights Poverty, Business Leaders Forum, CBSR (Canada), CSR Europe, CSR Ukraine, ELEVATE, Forum for the Future, GlobeScan, GreenBiz, GRI, Maala (Israel), Net Positive, ReThink (Hong Kong), SB Japan, SB Thailand, Sustainability Connect (Singapore), and WWF.

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About CSR Ukraine

Founded in 2008, CSR Ukraine is a non-profit organization working with 45 member companies in Ukraine to advance sustainability and social responsibility. The objective of the organization is to implement sustainability projects that enable systemic changes in Ukraine and build a better future for the country. These include projects on sustainability, youth career development and girls in STEM. The organization also develops and supports collaboration and partnerships between business and local NGOs in Ukraine.

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