Webinar Series | Navigating the Nature Agenda: Consumer and Stakeholder Insights

Webinar Series | Navigating the Nature Agenda: Stakeholder Insights & Business Opportunities

GlobeScan hosted a webinar series to share key findings and powerful insights from our shared research program, Navigating the Nature Agenda.

GlobeScan’s insights are based on two global consultations with stakeholders and the public on the state of nature and biodiversity, the roles of key actors and their performance. Our research also identifies good practices and actions that define business leadership for advancing the nature agenda.

In total, 423 expert stakeholders across sectors and 90 countries and 11,000 consumers from 11 countries participated in the Nature Agenda research program, which was generously supported by 26 member companies.

Webinar 1: Stakeholder Insights and Business Opportunities

On September 13, 2022, an insightful panel of experts joined for the first webinar in our series to explore findings on stakeholders’ expectations and opportunities for companies to protect and restore nature and biodiversity. Speakers included:

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Webinar 2: Consumer Insights and Engagement Opportunities

On October 5, 2022, the second session in this series explored consumer insights and engagement opportunities. Speakers included:

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