Webinar | The Future of Business-NGO Collaboration

  • What challenges are businesses and NGOs facing as they are called both ‘too greenwashed’ and ‘too woke’?
  • Will the future be one of more confrontational activism or pragmatic collaboration on shared challenges?
  • What’s next for business-NGO cooperation?
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Businesses are under more pressure to shift faster on sustainability – from radical activism to ESG demands and public greenwashing accusations. Meanwhile NGOs, though publicly trusted, are under more pressure to demonstrate impact and engage effectively with governments whilst, too, navigating increasingly polarised environments.

At this moment of change, a new form of Business–NGO relationship is emerging – less confrontational and increasingly effective for accelerating positive impact.

On April 19, GlobeScan and SIGWATCH hosted a webinar to explore these shifts. We shared GlobeScan’s latest global public opinion and expert stakeholder insights as well as key learnings from SIGWATCH’s unique activist and NGO campaign tracking tool.

Speakers included:

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