Creating a Better Everyday Life

Episode 29

In the latest episode, Chris and David are joined by Karen Pflug, Chief Sustainability Officer at Ingka Group, the holding company that represent over 90% of IKEA’s retail operations.

After exploring Karen’s career journey, that has her recognized as one of the Top 100 global CSOs, they dive into the fascinating world of Ingka Group. As the largest retail franchisee IKEA, they work very closely with IKEA design and development teams to connect over 650 million customers in 31 markets around the world via their stores and online shopping experiences.

Ingka Group doesn’t just want to sell furniture – they want to deeply understand people’s lives at home to help encourage more healthy & sustainable living. Their flagship research studies on climate action and equality help this purpose-led company bring the outside world in, which they leverage via coalition building, advocacy, collaborations, partnerships.