Great Concern for Climate and Nature

The important links between nature and climate will be high on the agenda as global leaders gather for the COP28 climate conference in Dubai to take stock of the progress made since adopting the Paris Agreement. Nature is an essential part of solutions for climate change, and climate change is one of five key drivers of biodiversity loss. Focusing too narrowly on carbon often results in missed opportunities for impact, undervaluing nature, and unintended trade-offs.​

GlobeScan’s research program on The Climate & Nature Nexus provides insights and guidance for companies based on the perspectives of business leaders, stakeholders, and public opinion/consumer views. Expert stakeholders across sectors and geographies and people around the world express very high levels of concern for climate change and the loss of nature and biodiversity. Over 90 percent of experts view the states of both climate and nature as “alarming” or “catastrophic,” and 94 percent of experts agree that biodiversity loss requires the same urgency and resources as climate change. In addition, nearly 30,000 consumers across 31 countries include climate change, depletion of natural resources, and water/air pollution in their top five “very serious” global problems when rating a range of challenges.​

These findings highlight the need for companies, governments, and cross-sector partners to take urgent action on jointly advancing progress on both climate and nature. This includes elevating nature and biodiversity in corporate sustainability/ESG agendas, deploying more integrated approaches to climate, nature and social issues, and driving systems change and impacts that are proportional to company footprints and the challenges the world is facing.

Learn more in our latest report on The Climate & Nature Nexus: Taking Action on Integrated Approaches.

Survey Question: For each of the following issues, please select the option that best describes your view of the current state of the issue in the world. All experts n=202; Don’t know/NA responses excluded

Source: Climate & Nature Nexus Report (survey of over 200 subject matter experts from 16 organizations across several sectors in August and November 2023)