Webinar | APAC Consumer Insights on Healthy and Sustainable Living

Enabling consumers to live more healthy and sustainable lives is not only crucial for our collective future but is also an enormous opportunity for brands to build more trust, loyalty, and engagement with consumers. The 5th annual Healthy & Sustainable Living study takes stock of the current state of consumer engagement on the healthy and sustainable living agenda and what we can expect going forward. 

But what does this mean in the Asia-Pacific context? 

Victoria Gilbert, GlobeScan APAC Director, was joined by Hui Mien Lee, Senior Director Group Environmental, Sustainability, Singtel, Monika Agocs, Executive Advisor, Asahi Group Holdings, and Kanika Pal, South Asia Sustainability Director, Unilever who shared their perspectives on the findings.

What we discussed:

  • The context: A climate change tipping point meets a consumer agency gap 
  • The challenge: A need to rewire consumer engagement for impact 
  • The opportunity: For brands to communicate effectively, change consumer behaviour and lead the market 
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