2024 Trends – Navigating for a Pivotal Year

In our 2024: Preparing for a Pivotal Year | A Special GlobeScan Trends Webinar and our summary report, we shared the major shifts that organizations need to master and the implications for companies, governments, and NGOs. This highlighted how, in times of rapid change, stakeholders are your early warning system – and your partners in finding solutions to these.  

We covered five major trends and one common outcome: 

  • Geopolitical turmoil means government moves to center stage. 
  • Corporates and NGOs collaborate to accelerate change. 
  • Consumers feel maxed out and demand business and government help them. 
  • Diverse Global South needs demand a more localized approach. 
  • ESG, reporting and investor demands grow more sophisticated. 
  • The outcome: Navigate this pivotal moment with a new model of leadership.  

Our webinar was moderated by Chris Coulter, CEO, GlobeScan, and featured experts across our global footprint:

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