Integration of Sustainability into Core Business Functions

The Integration Gap: Sustainability Is Important to Commercial Success but Not Well Integrated into the Business

Together with Robert EcclesAlison Taylor, and Salesforce, we recently interviewed senior professionals across finance, technology, and sustainability functions to identify the major gaps that stand in the way of sustainability creating value for corporate strategy.

Integration of sustainability into the core of business strategy is one of the gaps identified by the research. Results from the interviews show that despite 67 percent of our respondents saying sustainability is “very important” for commercial success, only 37 percent believe sustainability is “very integrated” into the core of their business.


By failing to integrate sustainability into the core of their business, companies are leaving “sustainability value creation” on the table. Deeper collaboration with finance and technology functions can help unlock integration as these functions have the expertise and tools to help measure and manage sustainability issues in line with senior management team expectations. 

Find out more about how to close the four main gaps that hinder sustainability value creation in our new report Sustainable Value Creation: Closing the Gap between Stated Commitments and Operational Realities

Survey Questions: Q1. How important is sustainability for the commercial success of your organization? Q2. How integrated do you believe sustainability considerations are into the core of your organization?

Source: GlobeScan/Salesforce Value of Sustainability Project, a survey of 234 senior professionals in finance, technology, and sustainability functions