Stakeholder Engagement Grows for Corporate Affairs Function

The latest research from the Oxford-GlobeScan Global Corporate Affairs 2024 Survey finds that Corporate Affairs professionals believe that stakeholder engagement has become a much more prominent part of their professional responsibilities. This is the fifth annual Oxford-GlobeScan Global Corporate Affairs Survey which provides the latest overview of opinions, trends, and challenges through the lens of Corporate Affairs practitioners. This survey captures the views and insights of 227 senior professionals in 43 countries who were surveyed from February to April 2024 on issues and themes relevant to their function.

Compared to 2023, Corporate Affairs practitioners have become much more likely to say that their responsibilities around stakeholder engagement, including assessing the opinions and expectations of stakeholders, have become a more prominent part of the Corporate Affairs role. Seven in ten respondents now think that stakeholder engagement has become a bigger part of their responsibility compared to just over half who said the same last year.


Survey Question: In thinking of each of the following activities that may be part of your professional responsibilities, would you say that they have become a more or less prominent part of your role compared with three years ago? 

Source: Oxford-GlobeScan Global Corporate Affairs Survey (survey of 227 Corporate Affairs practitioners across 43 countries from February to April 2024)