CSR Europe White Paper 2020 – The Pact for Sustainable Industry: Making the Green Deal a Success

The UN 2030 Agenda is a clear direction, but companies cannot reach or even make advancements on this agenda by themselves. That is why CSR Europe gathered the leading companies in an appeal for increased collaboration, not only in words, but with practical action. They asked for a New Deal for Europe – for a Europe with a shared sustainable vision for its future. As business leaders, they take the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as a compass to make … “CSR Europe White Paper 2020 – The Pact for Sustainable Industry: Making the Green Deal a Success”

Report: Stakeholders Rate Corporate Purpose in Time of Crisis

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and with a spotlight on inequality, expectations for companies are shifting. The current circumstances make for an important test of corporate purpose. In summer of 2020, GlobeScan partnered with the Test of Corporate Purpose (TCP) initiative, a project to assess how purpose-driven companies respond in a time of severe global crises and test if they truly “walk the talk” in delivering value for all stakeholders. This research also explored institutional priorities and performance … “Report: Stakeholders Rate Corporate Purpose in Time of Crisis”

Climate Change: A GlobeScan Insight

Worry about climate change remains widespread despite the pandemic and economic crisis, and continues to increase in the USA and other large emitting countries Despite the immense impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent economic recession (documented in GlobeScan’s findings on the pandemic’s impact on inequality for the BBC), people in 27 markets surveyed also continue to care deeply about the climate crisis that is currently unfolding in parallel. Concerns about climate change and poverty remain high and steady – with the … “Climate Change: A GlobeScan Insight”

Trust in Institutions: A GlobeScan Insight

Trust in government, business, media, and science has increased as people look for leadership As people look for guidance and hope for solutions during the pandemic and the resulting economic recession, GlobeScan’s Radar survey of 27,000 people across 27 countries shows that trust in institutions such as national government, global business, and press and media has increased compared to 2019. Trust in scientists has also continued to increase, while trust in the medical profession (asked for the first time in … “Trust in Institutions: A GlobeScan Insight”

Delivering Enhanced Insights to Help Corporate Affairs Professionals Improve the Impact of the Corporate Affairs Function: New Report

As part of a new Global Corporate Affairs partnership, Oxford University and GlobeScan are working together to help senior executives and corporate affairs leaders around the world to develop the contribution and improve the impact of the corporate affairs function. In our inaugural Oxford-GlobeScan Global Corporate Affairs Survey 2020, we captured the views of Corporate Affairs Professionals on issues and themes of relevance to the function. Key research findings are summarized below. Most Pressing Global Risks to Business The most pressing … “Delivering Enhanced Insights to Help Corporate Affairs Professionals Improve the Impact of the Corporate Affairs Function: New Report”

The 2020 GlobeScan / SustainAbility Leaders Survey | Report & Webinar

About the 2020 Sustainability Leaders Survey The 2020 Sustainability Leaders, a GlobeScan / SustainAbility Survey, asked over 700 experts representing business, government, NGOs and academia across 71 countries to evaluate the progress of the sustainability agenda and the companies and organizations experts perceive to be leaders since 1997. We also analyze expert views on which companies are considered to be leading on integrating sustainability into their business strategy, as well as which NGOs are making the largest contribution to advancing … “The 2020 GlobeScan / SustainAbility Leaders Survey | Report & Webinar”

Today and Tomorrow: COVID-19 and the Increased Relevance of Corporate Sustainability

With the spread of COVID-19 creating a crisis that is unprecedented in living memory, there is not an element of our lives that has remained unaffected. And this is especially true for business. At GlobeScan and BSR, we spend our time working with some of the largest businesses in the world and we wanted to understand both the immediate effect on the sustainability efforts of the companies we work with and also to begin to understand what long-term implications they … “Today and Tomorrow: COVID-19 and the Increased Relevance of Corporate Sustainability”

Growing Faith in Science and Technology:​ A GlobeScan Insight​

People – especially younger generations – are increasingly looking to science and technology to help create a better future When asked directly whether they believe that science and technology can help create a better future, people across 25 countries surveyed almost universally agree that this is the case. However, young people are markedly more optimistic than older generations. Around half of those aged 18–24 (Gen Z) strongly agree with this notion, suggesting that the focus on science-based solutions will continue … “Growing Faith in Science and Technology:​ A GlobeScan Insight​”

Global South Rising: A GlobeScan Insight

People in emerging markets are more optimistic about the future and the globalized economy, and are increasingly engaging in ethical consumerism GlobeScan’s research shows that there is a pronounced difference in optimism for the future between people in emerging economies, who tend to be much more hopeful, and those in the OECD countries, where fewer than half believe that future generations will enjoy a higher quality of life than we do today. People in China, India, Indonesia, and Saudi Arabia … “Global South Rising: A GlobeScan Insight”

Report: How Consumer Engagement Can Drive Circularity

GreenBiz Research, in partnership with GlobeScan, engaged 20 experts from around the world to get their views on the pathway to a more circular economy. The shift to a more circular economy offers a compelling solution to the way the world currently conducts business. Circularity has the potential to change economic systems and help avoid devastating impacts to our climate and society. But circularity cannot happen in a vacuum. Migrating to a circular economy requires systemic change, not only to … “Report: How Consumer Engagement Can Drive Circularity”