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Webinar | How to Build a Radically Better Future

BBMG Globescan webinar - how to build a radically better future
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James Morris

Next gen insights, strategies and real world brand examples from BBMG, GlobeScan, Dave’s Killer Bread, and General Mills

Our latest study finds people under age 30 are ready for a radical renewal of our economy and eager for bold brand leadership on issues from climate action to social justice. So how do we meet their needs? And what does leadership look like?

On 9 February 2021 we hosted a webinar exploring headlines from BBMG and GlobeScan’s global public opinion study, perspectives directly from young people, and case studies from guest sustainability and social impact experts from General Mills and Dave’s Killer Bread who are leading the way with regenerative strategies.

We were excited to be joined by the following speakers:

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