GlobeScan New Year’s Message

Dear Friends of GlobeScan,
As we enter the 15th year of the 21st Century, the challenges facing global organizations in this volatile, uncertain and complex world are significant. Trust in business and government remains low, yet expectations for these institutions continue to grow, while the need to make greater progress in many economic, environmental and social issues has never been more acute.
It is within this context that the success of many global companies, multilateral organizations and international NGOs will be determined by their ability to build stronger, more collaborative relations with an expanding set of stakeholders.
GlobeScan recognizes the growing needs of our clients to understand and respond to shifting stakeholder expectations, build trust among key constituencies and exert greater influence in shaping the external context.
In response, we begin 2014 with a renewed commitment to support our clients’ leadership ambitions by providing them the best stakeholder intelligence possible.
We will continue to build on GlobeScan’s long track record of identifying and engaging our clients’ most material stakeholders across the world and applying the insights strategically to enhance reputation, build stronger brands and guide more effective sustainability strategies. (Please see the visual below outlining our methodology.)
We see recognized leadership as a summative outcome of our stakeholder intelligence and engagement offering for clients. Recognized leadership requires both performance and engagement and is thus able to turn trust deficits into surpluses and delivers value to the business in multiple forms: a stronger social license to operate, heightened loyalty and market share, greater talent retention and acquisition, and more influence and trust.
Whether it is building custom stakeholder intelligence systems, identifying drivers of reputation or facilitating greater collaboration with stakeholders, all of us at GlobeScan are excited to become even more effective partners to our clients in the coming year.
We look forward to working with you in 2014.
Warm wishes,

Chris Coulter, co-CEO
Christophe Guibeleguiet, co-CEO