Engaging Experts on Human, Economic and Environmental Progress: The HP Living Progress Exchange

The HP Living Progress Exchange (LPX) is an online discussion that brings together leading experts and thinkers to share perspectives and develop new ideas to help make sustainable progress in three key areas: human progress, economic progress and environmental progress.
On September 9, 2014, hundreds of experts from around the world joined HP and GlobeScan in the first online LPX to explore challenges and ideas in these three key areas of sustainability. The discussion was rich and enlightening, with some clear perspectives and ideas emerging throughout the discussion for how business, the technology sector and specially HP could help make progress on key issues.
The thematic findings from this first LPX have now been released and can be downloaded from the HP Living Progress Exchange website here.
In addition we are excited to be hosting the second online HP Living Progress Exchange on March 17 and 18, 2015. On March 17 we will run a session form those in time zones in the Americas, and on March 18 a session for those in time zones in EMEA and Asia. Please check out the schedule here, and if you have not already done so, register for the HP Living Progress Exchange here.