Brand Purpose in Divided Times: Four Strategies for Brand Leadership

On October 10, along with our partners at BBMG, we hosted a webinar titled: Brand Purpose in Divided Times – Four Strategies for Brand Leadership.
One of the greatest challenges facing brands today is the ability to connect deeply with consumers. This is particularly difficult in a context of low trust in business, shifting consumer expectations and more choice in a global economy. In order for brands to build trust and connect with consumers, a new approach is required that must begin with purpose and intention.
In this webinar, Eric Whan, Director at GlobeScan and Raphael Bemporad, Chief Strategy Officer at BBMG, were joined by Emmanuelle Wargon, Vice President Corporate Affairs at Danone and Christopher Miller, Social Mission Manager, Activism Manager at Ben & Jerry’s to share recent consumer research and perspectives on this enormous opportunity for brands to meet the needs of humanity and move us forward as an inclusive, collaborative, empathetic, and purposeful society, and thereby deepening relations with consumers.
You can explore the presentation slides, read the press release, or download the full report below.

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