Upcoming Espresso Webinar | Building Social Capital in a Volatile and Uncertain World

GlobeScan Corporate Affairs Survey social polarisation, building social capital

The risk environment that faces global business is usually well mapped, from an operations perspective. Yet, this operational readiness masks a lack of preparedness in front of other types of external risks – ones that are more unpredictable and macro-societal in nature.
On March 21 at 12 pm EST / 4 pm GMT, we invite you to join Christophe Guibeleguiet (co-CEO), Femke de Man (Director), and Lionel Bellier (Associate Director) from GlobeScan, and special guest Cécile Duprez-Naudy, Global Advocacy Lead at Nestlé for ‘Building Social Capital in a Volatile and Uncertain World’: an engaging 30-minute webinar discussion around these new external tension points for business and what solutions are available to navigate and turn them into connecting opportunities.
This webinar is partly informed by the findings from GlobeScan’s latest global consultation with corporate professionals on social polarisation, which highlights the role and opportunity for business to build greater social capital and engage around a set of shared values to embrace and respond to increasingly volatile social realities.
It will be of particular interest for practitioners focused on corporate affairs, issues management, communications, CSR and sustainability.