Partnerships for Progress: Perspectives from the SDG 17 Leadership Forum | Report

Unilever SDG Leadership Forum for Goal 17: Partnerships for the Goals

partnerships for progress sdg forum reportSDG Goal 17 Leadership Forum hosted by Unilever and GlobeScan

Read the full report from our online discussion of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 17 on global partnerships for sustainability.
Learn from the perspectives of 328 participants who explored how partnerships can help fund the Goals and scale up social entrepreneurs. Our discussion focused on the impact partnerships can have in the provision of new models of financing the Goals and in empowering small-scale social entrepreneurs to scale up innovations to help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

What is Sustainable Development Goal 17?

SDG 17 aims to strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development.

SDG Forum 17 discussion experts included:

  • Civil Society
  • Government
  • Mulilateral Corporations
  • Private Sector

Discussion Summary:

Overall, we learned that a successful partnership needs a galvanising collective vision, alignment between partners and strong foundations including defined roles and robust project management. Looking at finance partnerships specifically, the richness of the debate demonstrates that there remain many unresolved challenges in creating effective partnerships for financing progress on the SDGs. Among the challenges, however, dozens of examples of solutions, ideas and established resources were shared by participants in our discussions.
The challenges and solutions are summarised across five crucial stages of partnership:

  1. Establishing the business case for financing the SDGs
  2. Finding the right funding partners
  3. Building trust
  4. Effective execution
  5. Impact measurement

Key Learnings

Collaboration is essential for delivering the SDGs. To be effective, partners should ensure that collaborations fulfill three foundational criteria:

  • Agreement on a long-term vision and commitment to the SDGs
  • Alignment on objectives, communication and transparency
  • Operational effectiveness through defined roles, strong project management and impact measurement.

“The SDGs need transformational change to be achieved, and therefore to require transformational partnerships.”
– Rebecca Marmot, Global VP Advocacy & Partnerships, Unilever

SDG 17 Forum Report

Read the full report to find out more about the Roadmap for Funding Partnerships, examples of innovative partnerships for financing SDG progress and social enterprise scaling and access to funding to create successful partnerships.
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