Benefits of Remote Working Through Online Stakeholder Engagement Techniques

Benefits of Remote Working Through Online Stakeholder Engagement Strategies

From cancelled conferences and social distancing to disrupted supply chains, not a corner of the global economy is immune to the spread of Coronavirus.
Working remotely is growing steadily in popularity both voluntarily and by corporate directive. As more people avoid physical gatherings, GlobeScan is available to help organizations continue with ‘business as usual’ through our online stakeholder convenings, virtual collaborations and webinars.

Catalyzing Action Through Collaboration

Our unique Collaboration Forum platform brings stakeholder dialogue and collaboration to scale. Real-time, online text-based dialogues take place in a dedicated, secure online space to involve hundreds of stakeholder perspectives, across different geographies. We facilitate the crowdsourcing of ideas and solutions to inform strategy, risks and opportunities, materiality, and reporting and help build stronger relationships with key stakeholders who are crucial for achieving corporate and/or sustainability goals.

Our SDG Leadership Forum about Goal 17 (Partnerships for the Goals) conducted with Unilever, for example, brought together hundreds of inspiring disrupters who shared their examples and ideas for new, collaborative models that will positively transform our economy. Together, the forum participants crafted a roadmap for ensuring effective partnerships and navigating the many challenges: from making the business case for financing the SDGs, to finding the right partners and building trust, through to effective execution and impact measurement.

Upcoming Leadership Webinar

Join us on 2nd April 2020 for a special online collaboration forum on ‘Purposeful Leadership in a Time of Crisis’ during which we will share timely research on best practice across the world of business responding to the COVID-19 crisis and explore what more business could do to demonstrate even more purposeful leadership.

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Sharing Insights and Learning Through Webinars

Webinars are also a great way to facilitate discussion and learning.  They allow us to bring together a global audience to present curated content, and to target multiple stakeholders to share best practice, insights and discuss implications.

One recent GlobeScan webinar presented in partnership with The International Emissions Trading Association (IETA), Environmental Resources Management (ERM) and Marks and Spencer explored the need for companies to go carbon neutral within a decade in order to remain competitive.

No travel is required for these global online events, so as well as reducing carbon footprints, organizations can prioritize health and well being.
As we all work to adapt and innovate our way through these challenging times, these modes of virtual gathering are worth a fresh look.

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