Webinar | Materiality and Beyond: Unlocking Strategic Value and Impact

Webinar | Materiality and Beyond – Unlocking Strategic Value and Impact

Materiality assessments have been one of the most fundamental tools of corporate sustainability management in the last two decades. It initially grew out of – and is still closely associated with – reporting and disclosure, with the rise of ESG acting as a timely imperative to make materiality more strategic. It also provides a means of gauging stakeholder expectations, acting as a basis for decision-making.

GlobeScan has been working with leading organizations globally to deliver evidence-led materiality assessments, and we gathered three key companies together on this webinar. Our research and the insights from these and other companies has found that there is a clear need and opportunity to unlock more strategic value and impact from materiality by focusing on four key levers:
Materiality Four Levers - GlobeScan Webinar 2021
On 3 March 2020 we hosted a webinar with 3M, Danone, and Adobe to share insights and experiences about the future of materiality as we see it, and more importantly, how to use materiality as a strategic tool.

We were thrilled to have the following panelists join us to share their valuable insights:

The session was moderated by James Morris, Director, GlobeScan.

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